Reputation Management

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Reputation Management

  Reputation Management is something that all local business owners should be actively practicing.  It is one thing to rank successfully and have a top 3 spot under Google My Business.

You are going to have to put into place a strategy that will get you reviews.  Customer reviews also play an important part in your GMB ranking among other local businesses, doing the same kind of service or offering the same product.

Consumers today put a lot of weight on reviews, in assisting them with the decision on who to hire or on whom to purchase from.  Reputation is found among those star ratings.  And those stars should not be taken lightly or thought of as unimportant.

If both you and your competitor are in front of a consumer and your competitor can show you "references" of how well their service or product is, be sure that the same consumer will want to see yours as well.  Make sure you have them.  And have a lot of them. We have an advanced system of collecting contact information from your customers and forwarding a request for them to leave a review.  This system is called a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) funnel and it is very effective.
The only part that you will need to do is provide us with the email addresses that you have collected from your customers.

We will set up a link to your review profile (ie Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp).  This link is then sent out in an email that requests the customer leave a review for your business.
Sounds pretty simple.  But wait, there is more.

We understand that not all customers are happy customers.  It's an unfortunate situation but a reality.  A business should be willing to listen to any concerns and address them for a mutually beneficial conclusion.  Many do not realize, that a customer could potentially change their review rating, once they feel that their issue has been addressed satisfactory.  So it might be in your best interest to notice these negative reviews right away so things can be resolved.
Our system has that built into it.  We can filter out any negative reviews (such as a 1, 2, or even a 3 Star review) and follow up with the individual to get more detailed feedback as to why they left a lower review.  You can then take any action deemed necessary to remedy the situation and, more often than not, turn that negative review into a positive one.

  We can't say that a remedy can be made every time to fix a negative review.  And, unfortunately, they cannot be removed once left.  Only the person leaving the review can change it.  But, you can minimize the effect of a negative review by getting more positive reviews.  This is why Reputation Management is important and should be an ongoing task within your business.  If you are not taking care of your reviews, one bad apple can definitely spoil the rest.

​Coming Soon!  A Reputation Management Portal, where you can submit your email addresses to us and we can manage the review requests!  

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