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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

From a local business standpoint, a website should be generating you income. 
It should not be sitting on page 100 of search results.  
Sadly, this is the case for many websites we have found and visited online.  You can have the most beautiful website with all the neatest widgets and videos and scripts running in the background.  But you are left with wondering why no one is calling or messaging you.  

We understand that sometimes web design is about all you can afford when starting out.  And we will be upfront with you right now. SEO packages are not cheap.  That is because they are powerful.  

The main purpose of having a Search Engine Optimization specialist working with you and your site is to get it ranking.  Get it ranking to page 1.  And even to the first spot on page 1.  We would not be correct in saying that your website's appearance does not matter.  Of course it matters.  It is the first impression your guest will have when it lands on it.  But more important is getting the guest to come at all.

When you are dealing with Google and it's web crawlers (or bots), Google is going to like what Google is going to like.  It is going to decide where and when you rank, as well as how long you will get to stay in that spot.  Things change daily when it comes to Google.  And you can use Google tools, such as Google Ads to get you to the top of the first page.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that.  But there are some really good and easy things you can do to improve your rankings.  

Google loves content.  And not just any content.  It likes authoritative content and an example of this is Wikipedia.  Packing your Home page with good authoritative content, along with top keywords sprinkled within, will help you in ranking.  it will make you appear credible.

Google loves links that are coming back to your site from related sites or blogs.  The key is to focus on authoritative links so that they relate to what you are about.  This adds much more validity over just links from unrelated sources.  Influential backlinks can really boost you up in rankings.  But they do come with a cost, most of the time.

But even when you take into account the above bits of information, you are going to have to know what you are up against when it comes to your competitors.  Search Engine Optimization specialists use a whole toolbox full of tools to assess the strength and weakness of your competitors and can help you target in on just the right piece to help you out rank them.

Remember Google does what it wants and when it wants.  So even with the most dialed in content and such, it may still take a bit of time to see your results.  We like to estimate 3 months.  This is because Google is actually very intelligent and can determine if you are trying to spam your way up in rankings.  So we must do this over a period of time to allow Google to react naturally to all that we do for your site.  Things can happen much faster than that, depending on your market and your competition.  Or it may take a bit longer, with a bit more effort, to topple your competition.  This is a patient process and always an ongoing one.  You can lose links or citations because the sending site has been taken down.  So this is something that has to be ongoing to maintain your ranking.

And do not forget about social media.  It will also play a part in getting Google to notice you and contribute to your efforts for ranking.

If you are ready to look at SEO, we encourage you to reach out to us.  We would love to hear more about your business.  We can then analyse what you are up against and advise you accordingly.  We are always happy to put a proposal together, if you are interested in seriously pursuing this further.

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