Dedicated Lead Generation

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Dedicated Lead Generation

The next generation of marketing will involve more focus on Lead Generation. 

With the explosion of lead generation companies in the marketplace has caused a great impact on how we do business today.  Take for example the overwhelming success of companies like Uber, Air BnB, and even Skip the Dishes.  

These companies work on connecting customers and clients with service providers. 

We are leaders in Dedicated Lead Generation.  

We take on, as a client, local businesses that are trying to compete with National Companies.  

We will provide a dedicated, one client referral system of leads to specific niches or markets.  

This is NOT the same service that Home Stars, Yelp, or Bark offer.  With those companies, you are contacted, along with other companies when a lead comes in.  From there, you compete with those companies to gain the lead or client.  We work diligently to rank and provide leads directly to you.  There is no other business that we provide them to.  This is a one on one service provided purely for the benefit of your company alone.

Using our skills of SEO, we will rank and generate leads that are going to be passed on to your business.  Not just generic leads. 
Actual Client Leads that are looking for your service.

What is this service worth to you?  You can easily dominate in your marketplace.  
Working with us, we can bring you in paying customers.  We can help you increase your bottom profit line and expand your business.  

We need to make sure we are working with the right business.  Are you reputable?  Are you customer service focused?  Are you determined to grow with your company as it grows?  Are you willing to hire additional people if increase in service calls warrant it?  These questions are key to us.  Before we begin generating leads for you, we need a commitment from you as a partner that you will take on these leads and contact these potential customers.  That you will service their needs with quality performance and customer service.  And that you are willing to grow with your business.  We truly want to see you succeed and grow.

What is the cost of this service?  
That is going to depend on a number of factors.  We will need to understand the services that you provide.  We need to understand what your conversion rate is (what percentage of direct leads or contacts that you are able to convert to a sale).  We also need to understand what your average ticket price is.  Next, we will need to determine what your net revenue percentage is (after all of your materials or wages, what you actually make on a sale).  The reason we want to know all of this information is to determine what would be reasonable for both parties, to pay for a Lead. 
It would not suit either of us to charge more or less than what is reasonable.  We would not be able to build on this equally profitable arrangement.  And we are interested in building relationships with our clients that will last for years.

This approach to marketing for local businesses is truly exciting.  It is innovative and it is unique.  Not many marketing agencies have yet adapted to this method.  But it is not something that is new.  It has been tried and tested by some of the most profitable online companies in the world.  We are bringing it to the local markets and using the same techniques.  Working with local businesses to help them achieve their goals for their companies.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, we would ask that you contact us. Maybe we could grab a coffee and chat.  We would love to hear about your business and needs.  If the fit is right, we would then put together a proposal for you - no obligation.  You decide if customer leads are of value to you.