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Website Audits

The word on the street is that Website Audits are just something that digital marketers provide to draw you into their services.  While part of this statement may be true, the context of the statement is wrong.  Website audits are not just a gimmick to try and get you to purchase a service.  They are the initial tool to determine what might be working and what might not be working for your business.  We cannot help you at all unless we "look under the hood".  

Imagine taking your vehicle in to get repaired but not appreciating the mechanic opening the hood.
Of course you are going to allow the mechanic to look.  He can then tell you, from his expertise, what may need to be done and what appears to be fine.  Web Audits can provide you valuable tips when comparing your main competition's site to yours.  It can give you a good roadmap to use for your own site.  It is also the measure needed to determine the results of any SEO work you are doing currently.  Providing you an initial point to reference to when comparing items such as ranking, visitors, and even calls or sales. 

Even if you are working with an SEO specialist already, there is absolutely no harm in determining their effectiveness of the work that you are paying for.  It's your money that is being spent.  You have every right to assess how it is helping your company grow.   Actually, this is something that you should be asking from your existing SEO specialist on a routine basis, like every 3 months.

We offer free website audits.  There is no strings attached.  We focus in on specifics that Google expects from your website.  We could load you with a lot of information regarding different metrics etc.  But, in our opinion, this is simply confusing to many business owners.  We want to give you specific items that you can work on.  Rather than a ton of questions about Trust Flow or Domain authority, etc.

When we complete the audit, we offer you these suggestions and then it is totally up to you on whether you want to act on any of these.  You can do any recommendations yourself, ask someone else to do it for you, or ask us to work with you on them.  This is completely in your hands.  

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