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Website Design

Having a website online will give your business validity to consumers and clients.  If you have a good online presence, you will attract more sales.  More sales means more revenue for your business.

We really do care about local business.  And we truly want to see local businesses thrive.  Online presence, along with good sound social media promotion, is a way of drawing people into your establishment.  Or making them aware of your service.

Getting a website build done by a specialist does come at a cost.  But when you pay for that cost, you will get a quality website designed to appeal to customers, clients, and even Google itself.  

All of our websites come with 10 pages of content.  A Home page, up to 5 services subpages, About Us page, Contact Us page, Privacy Policy page, and a Terms of Service page.  And the websites are optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

We will do content writing (copywriting) for your website.  This is minimum 1000 word content, rich in key words and key phrases.  If you already have content prepared, we will review it to ensure your keywords are sufficient to help online searches find you.

We will insert good quality optimized photos throughout your site.  If you have some that you want place, we can do that for you.  We will also display your logo prominently.

We have standard Privacy Policy and Terms of Service documents that we will provide for your website. If you already have your own written, we can use that if you want.

Every page of the website will have a call to action statement and a Contact form for customers or clients to reach out to you.  

We will host the website ourselves, and there will be a small ongoing fee associated with these hosting costs.  

If you already have a domain purchased, you can have it connected to the website.  Or if you have not yet purchased one, we can purchase one that will suit your business.

All of our clients receive access to our Client Portal.  From the portal, you will be able to retrieve reports or make adjustments or revisions to the website yourself.  Or if you so choose, we can do routine maintenance of the site for you.

Our websites are meant to be affordable for local businesses.  That is why we are very competitively priced.  

Contact us today at 780.257.4731 or complete the Contact Form below.  We would love to hear about your business and discuss how we might be able to assist you reach your goals.

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